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Dr. Ava Pommerenk, PhD

Internationally Acclaimed Women's Empowerment Coach & Transformational Advisor & San Francisco Sex Therapy & Couples & Marriage Counseling

Online Relationship Coaching Available

I“I am an former clinical psychologist, turned coach and counselor, providing online sessions to individuals and couples, through California Relationships Centers.

Many people find that working online with me allows them flexibility to travel for business, as well as be on extended vacations or trips, or for people who live outside of California and still be able to continue to consistently work on their self. Or, there are some people who prefer to meet from the comfort of their own home, and this further motivates them to stay in treatment, given how easy it is to hop online.

I work with individuals and partners.

Below is list of my main specialties & areas of expertise:

1. I specialize in being an Attachment, Sexuality and Relationship coach.

What this means is I help couples/ alternative relationship configurations, and individuals, learn how to form the types of intimate relationships they want, in practical, action-oriented ways. In other words, I am an intimacy coach. I work with people looking for health relationships, healing from trauma such as break ups, infidelity & betrayal, negative cycles, people in partnership who want to deepen their emotional, intimate and sexual connections.

2. I coach individuals and couples on how to have what they define as healthy sexual boundaries, and have the kind of sexual experiences they want. I have a lot of experience working with Kink/BDSM and alternative relationship arrangements. I also help people find practical ways to heal from sexual traumas and dysfunctions, and begin to experience greater enjoyment and pleasure. I work with a large range of sexuality and gender needs.

3. I coach many people in the emotional sobriety process from addictive patterns they have already had sobriety from. I help people learn how to restructure their lives around how to truly be sober, to begin to trust themselves again, and not be dependent on the 12-step model, forever, if they don’t want to be.

4. I am a Narcissistic Recovery Coach.

This means I work with people devastated by the loss and trauma of their divorce/break-up with a Narcissist, to rebuild their lives and their sense of self-worth. I end up working with people who identify as Empaths and Co-Dependent, as these are the types I see who are so commonly traumatized from relationships with Narcissists/Sociopaths. I help people of all genders and sexual orientations in this recovery process, as sadly, Narcissistic Abuse occurs in all types of relationship configurations.

5. I also work as an empowerment coach to women working to achieve their goals.

6. I help men and couples overcome sexual dysfunction issues.

I hold a holistic perspective that helps people immediately understand the multi-faceted causes of performance issues, and systematically focuses upon practical interventions and homework assignments in these areas, in order for you to see immediate improvement. I am open and non-shaming. I can support you through this issue.

Even though my profile speaks largely to working with women, I also work with men, non-binary folks and both individuals, as well as couples. In addition to my PhD in clinical psychology, I also have trained extensively in various relationship and individual psychotherapy modalities, even though I now works as a relationship and mental health coach.

I work with LGBTQ issues and am poly, kink, diversity and trauma informed and aware.

I join my community in experiencing the pains of existence and the processes of learning to work with and transform these pains, rather than be consumed by them. I am above all things, pragmatic. I practice this pragmatism through doing my own on-going training, healing, self-discovery, and growth work and this shows in the work that I do.
— Dr. Ava Pommerenk, PhD



Online Relationship Coaching Sessions Available

As a WOMEN"S EMPOWERMENT COACH with a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, I guide women on their journey to deepen their relationship to their authentic selves, as I remain deeply rooted in my mission to support, witness, inspire, and empower women to awaken to their full potential, embracing their unique and beautiful gifts, and to step into their sacred feminine power. I help them to identify their goals, heal wounds and trust in their innate strength so they can make the greatest impact in their lives, and truly thrive with radiant health, vitality, passion, purpose, and joy.

-Dr. Ava

San Francisco Women's Empowerment Coaching and Private Mexican Relationship Retreats

I can help if...

Because a small voice inside keeps telling you something big needs to change.

You are tired of your internal experience of self, not matching with the person you live as, day in and day out.

You are tired of apologizing for being who you are.

You are tired of the yearning to live the way you see others live, yet making excuses for why this is not possible for you.


1 On 1 Empowerment Coaching

If you feel stuck, and unable to find a more satisfying way of life, yet are unclear how you might even begin to make the changes that are necessary, empowerment coaching is for you! 

I offer focused time with you, where we:

1.) Identify the problem

2.) Clarify your dream of what you want

3.) Get brutally honest about what is getting in the way of getting what you want

4.) We take measured, clear action-steps to help you finally overcome these internal and external obstacles

I combine my solidly pragmatic and authentic coaching practice, with my ten years of experience and training as a psychotherapist, to work in an existentially, emotionally and psychologically intelligent way with you. I also pull from my experience with regular spiritual practice, to provide a loving, safe, patient, and compassionate container for us to do this work together. 


No problem. I offer a one-time, complimentary, 30-minute consultation call, to help guide you to what package or option might be best suited for you, at this time. 

Schedule a Free Phone Consultation

  • I am here to help you discover what, deep down, you already know.

  • I am here to help you live and be according to your deepest yearnings.

  • I am here to help you bring these deepest knowing and yearnings to the surface.

  • I am here to fiercely protect and nurture your life, and help you learn to protect and nurture yourself too.

  • I am here to not just help you make changes, but to help you truly transform.

San Francisco Women's Empowerment Coaching and Private Mexican Relationship Retreats

I am here to help you live in the process & completion of:


Your Authentic and Instrinsic Value & Beauty can be Realized! As Your Women's Empowerment Coach, I will support you in reconnecting to your true self.


Let's Talk!

For over a decade, I received extensive training in individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, intimacy & sex therapy and group therapy, and I participate in on-going consultation in these  disciplines. I have clinical training in AEDP for Couples Therapy as well as many other modalities, philosophies and approaches. 

 I join my community in experiencing the pains of existence and the processes of learning to work with and transform these pains, rather than be consumed by them. I am above all things, pragmatic. I practice this pragmatism through doing my own on-going training, healing, self-discovery, and growth work and this shows in the work that I do.
I am committed to my personal and professional growth and therefore am actively engaged in ongoing consultation and training in support of my professional growth and competence, as well as my own personal therapy work. 


  • Empowering Women to live to their fullest potential

  • Big Life Transitions

  • Self-esteem and Empowerment Issues

  • Trauma

  • Attachment Trauma

  • Relationship/ Intimacy/ Sexuality Issues

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • Relationship/ Intimacy/ Co-Dependence Issues

  • Identity Development and Boundary Issues

  • Family of Origin Issues

  • Grief and Loss

  • Addictions, Co-occurring Problematic Issues, and Recovery

  • Communication, Intimacy, and Trust

  • Sexuality & Sexual Empowerment


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Imagine TRULY transforming your life!

“Disempowerment means we have given our power away, and are not embodied, awake and alive to the moment. When we are disempowered we are not centered inside of our own experience of life, and the important fact that we are the only ones who are capable of living this life!” - Dr. Ava