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San Francisco Gottman Method Couples Counseling and life coach

Pej K. Mon, CTI

San Francisco Gottman Method Couples Counselor & Relationship and Life Coach


Our talented Relationship & Life Coach, Pej Mon, works extensively with difficult relationship dynamics, challenging communication patterns, ongoing arguments & conflicts, regulating emotions, repairing intimacy & trust, and other issues.

Although he is not a clinical licensed therapist, Pej is a Certified Life Coach through the Coach Training Institute and has extensive training in highly effective counseling and coaching modalities such as NVC (Non-Violent Communication) & Gottman Method of Couples Counseling. Pej has worked with couples and individuals for over a decade and is known for achieving powerful and fast results.

Pej is passionate about supporting couples to utilize their most engrained conflicts in the most positive and powerful way to enhance each other’s personal growth and transform the angry and combative feelings into passionate feelings of relationship vitality.


San Francisco Transformational Relationship and Sexuality Coaching is a dynamic, powerful and fast approach to sexuality and partnership development. TSC helps in:

  • Deepening emotional and sexual empathy, awareness and connection

  • Navigating trigger moments to move into a place of mutual resolution and understanding

  • Using conflict to empower each partner's self growth

  • Heighten Emotional & Sexual Intelligence

  • Communication mastery / Conflict mastery

  • Increasing Passion, Pleasure & Intimacy

  • Embodying Joy, Desire and Love

Learn More About Our San Francisco Couples Therapy Programs

Learn More About Our San Francisco Couples Therapy Programs

Pej works with couples as well as individuals and has offices in Oakland, Berkeley, and Online.

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Transformational Coaching with Pej

San Francisco Life & Relationship Coaching

But that's not where this story begins. At birth the societal and familial programming began, as the expectations and beliefs of my parents and culture unknowingly became my own. Ideas of duty, being realistic, and what a "successful" and "good" person should do settled in and the glowing aliveness of my child self dimmed. The decades long inner struggle manifested.  Through repression and questioning of my passion and the resulting depression, confusion, self-sabotage, inner conflict and incongruence I was finally through sheer relentless questioning and searching for truth led to the skills and tools of self transformation.
I now believe the tools that are the most powerful are the ones that allow you to truly KNOW and BE Thyself. I’ve been so tirelessly committed to learning these tools that one could say I’m like the Sherlock Holmes of limiting beliefs / false thinking / non-aligned action. I’ve studied and been certified in many modalities (CTI Coaching, Kingian Conflict Resolution, Gandhi-an Nonviolence, Recode Transformation, AstroPsychology, amongst others) and they have unlocked my intuitive sensing that I bring to each session.
When you choose to transform with me, you will have someone by your side ready to reflect anything out of alignment with a magnifying, undeterred lens. You can then tune your consciousness to your higher self and be the living embodiment of who you really are. It doesn’t have to be painful. It can be not just easy, but incredibly exhilarating.
Ironically, the more we individuate and dance to the beat of our own drum, the more we fit with and inspire others. When enough of us make this choice, we can truly harmonize on a large scale, and the symphonic resonance of a world in bliss can finally be heard.
So, are you ready to be your true self? If not, you may have found your next most relevant obstacle.