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For over a decade, I have been providing therapy to diverse populations. I have successfully helped individuals, couples and families experience healing through therapeutic services such as Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Support Groups, Teaching Mindfulness Techniques, and the use of Guided Imagery.

In our work together, attention is brought to what is arising for each client or couple in the present moment. This allows for us to address issues as they are happening, making it easier to identify current thoughts, feelings and somatic experiences. This can offer a deeper awareness of thought patterns, communication dynamics, and common trigger or reaction patterns. As we work together to help expand your awareness of your internal landscape you will begin to find more space around how you choose to respond to what life brings your way. I believe that we all have within us the ability to grow and heal as we tend to old wounds. It has been an honor for me to help my clients heal these old wounds, let go of old stories that no longer serve them and witness previously hidden parts of their true core-self emerge as they live a more joyful and fulfilled life. My clients have described me as having a warm and grounded presence while inviting insightful and creative ways to work through challenging issues.

-Amber Cooley, MFT, California Relationship Centers’ Couples Therapist

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Is Dissociation Interfering With Your Sex Life?

Is Dissociation Interfering With Your Sex Life?

Do you check out or get numb during sex?

Don’t weigh yourself down with despair, guilt or frustration about your sex life and experiences not being as fulfilling as you would like; perhaps consider whether dissocciation is interfering with your sex life.

Seek help with one of our highly qualified San Francisco Bay Area Sexologists, Couples Counselors, Sex Therapists, or Sexual Empowerment Coaches, who can help you begin to learn about, to overcome and heal your dissociative tendencies, so you and your partner(s) may have the sex you always dreamed of.

California Relationship Centers and it’s subdivisions such as North Berkeley Couples Therapy Centers and San Francisco Couples, Intimacy & Sex Therapy Centers can help. We are the Leading Sex Therapy and Couples Therapy Centers in the United States, and we accomplished this by carefully collaborating with the best of the best in this highly specialized field. We Speak Relationship. We Can Help. (510) 982-6401